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Welcome to School4GenX

School4GenX Plays an essential role in the current educational system. School authorities all over the world are engaged in a lot of day-to-day administrative and academic activities to manage and provide a better academic experience to students effectively. However, maintaining and keeping track of school administrative activities is not an easy process in the fast-growing world. It requires hard work and often it is time-consuming.

To better perform the school administrative activities of educational institute and to assure parents the real-time progress and security of their children, educational institutes utilizes School4GenX nowadays. Such applications often offer many features that help to enhance the performance of schools with minimum efforts. School4GenX does it by avoiding the manual paper works and automation of many academic and administrative activities.

Now let us take a look at why institutes need to implement it.

1. Student Information
Attendance, homework, discipline, grades and achievements! Every information that is related to students can be easily accessed using a School4GenX . It helps teachers to quickly obtain information about students fast and easy reducing their workload. The student database in a School4GenX contains much information about students such as their Examination grades, Parental information, Medical history, details related to school fee, etc School4GenX offers real-time information and announcements through SMS as well.

2. Parent Access
Parents play a crucial part in the child’s education. They are continuously involved in it. And it is necessary to keep them updated and notified about the progress of their child. Previously schools had to conduct parents meetings to keep update parents about the academic performance of their children. Parent meetings were time-consuming and many parents faced trouble attending meetings because of their work schedule, family issues, etc. With the introduction of School4GenX parent notification becomes simple and straightforward. School4GenX can notify parents about their children through Website,mobile apps and SMS services etc. This way they are notified instantly, and it helps to keep updated about their child’s academic performance in real time.

3. Attendance Management
Attendance management is an essential feature of School4GenX . The attendance management system offered in School4GenX replaces the old and time-consuming paper-based attendance systems. By using Attendance management systems, taking attendance became faster and more comfortable. Such attendance management systems ensure foolproof attendance records and eliminate the possibility of proxy attendance.

4. Fee Management and Online Payment
Collecting the fee from students is always a hectic process. School4GenX make it possible for parents to pay their child’s school fee online using their debit/credit cards. The software can generate receipts for all the incoming payments within no time. This makes the entire school fee payment method so convenient and easy.